About Me

Hi!  My name is Sarah.

I have an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts, a Bachelor of Arts degree in dance, K-12 Teaching Certification in dance, and–as of May, 2014–a Master of Arts in Education with dance as my content area.  I don’t see teaching dance as a full-time occupation any time soon.  I do, however, teach ballet part-time and love it.  I also can’t stop choreographing.  I hear music and the movements and ideas (some good, some bad) just keep coming.

Besides teaching, I enjoy writing.  I have my third grade teacher, Mr. Fahey, to thank for sparking my interest in writing and encouraging me to do it as much as possible.  In addition to writing short stories and some poems here and there, I was an editor, contributing fiction writer, and contributing photographer for the Spring, 2012 issue of Arrow Rock, my school’s student literary journal, and I was a contributing poet and photographer for the Winter, 2011 issue.  I was also an editorial assistant for my school’s official literary journal that publishes work from outside the University’s community.   I was an English major twice–0nce as an undergrad and once as a grad student.   I enjoy reading, writing, and editing, but it’s not my calling to commit to studying them full-time.  Perhaps that’s why, after two and a half years of debating whether or not I should start a blog of my own, I finally did.

This blog is just a place for me to write about thoughts that pop into my head, lessons that I’ve learned, adventures I’ve had or am currently having, and whatever other random things I feel like sharing.  Sometimes I want nothing more than to tell these stories to people, but they don’t always fit into the current conversation, or I don’t know if anyone would be interested in hearing them.  If I do talk to people about them and it feels strange to do so, I usually try to justify my random story by saying, “That’s my random thought for the day.”  I’ve started this blog for them, hence the blog’s title.

I am very much an introvert (an INFJ, to be exact), so I do not share many personal stories on this blog.  (Not easily, anyway.)  However, some of my favorite things to talk–or in this case, write–about are God, dance (ballet, musical theatre, and lyrical jazz are my favorites), figure skating, random memories, school, dogs, fun times at work, the people I love, stuff I’ve been up to, Doctor Who, and whatever else pops into my head.  My other hobbies include music (I used to play the piano, flute, xylophone, and other various percussion instruments; I also used to sing a lot), theatre (especially musical theatre, and I love tech work), reading, rocks, flowers, spending time in the outdoors, old buildings, traveling (a rare but fun treat), collecting postcards from where I’ve traveled, and art (both viewing it and making it).  I can’t guarantee how much or how frequently I’ll update this blog, but if any of these interests appeal to you, you’ve come to the right place.

Feel free to comment on anything you read here.  I enjoy getting to know people, and readers of this blog are no exception.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you enjoy!

May, 2007.  Age 21.

May, 2007. Age 21.


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