Toilet Paper Prank

Most people, when they hear “toilet paper” and “prank” in the same sentence, immediately think of someone’s tp’d front yard.  My friend and co-worker, Kristine, and I recently pulled what I would call a decent prank with toilet paper, which I just feel like sharing today.

A few weeks ago while Kristine and I were at work (we work in the maintenance office at our school), Kristine told me about a picture she saw on Pinterest of a cartoon someone drew on a roll of toilet paper.  The bottom square was partly torn off and had a panicked face drawn on it.  This panicked cartoon face was reaching up to the toilet paper square above it, where another cartoon face tried desperately to hold onto his toilet paper and ink companion.  We both decided right then that we should, and would, do this prank in our office’s one-stall bathroom when our wonderful boss, Joyce, went downstairs for a smoke break.

About 20 minutes or so after Kristine and I concocted this plan, Joyce unknowingly announced our opportunity to execute said plan when she grabbed her lighter from her purse and said, “Girls, I’m going to smoke.”

“Okay,” we replied nonchalantly.  However, we smirked at each other behind our computer screens, waiting like anxious track runners to begin our sprint to the back of the office to the bathroom.

At last, Joyce exited the office through the back door that led to the basement.  Kristine and I jumped up from our chairs and ran to the back of the office to the bathroom to grab the toilet paper from the roll.  We raced back to Kristine’s desk, where she got online and pulled up the picture she described to me earlier so I could draw the faces onto the toilet paper.  I did my best, but the markers bled a little more than I thought they would, so our cartoon drawing didn’t turn out as well as the one we were trying to copy.  We partially tore the last square of toilet paper along its perforation, sprinted back to the bathroom to put the toilet paper back on the roll, took pictures with our phones to record this epic moment in our work history, and raced back to our desks in a fit of giggles before Joyce came back upstairs from her break.

Joyce entered the office, not suspecting anything.  She placed her lighter back in her purse and sat down at her desk.  About 10 minutes later, she finally got up to use the restroom.  Kristine and I tried to wait patiently to see how she would react.  To our complete surprise, however, she didn’t say anything after she came back to her desk.  Kristine and I looked at each other, confused as to why Joyce didn’t say anything.  We decided not to ask her about it, but we wondered when she would react to it.

After a few minutes, Joyce finally held up the two pieces of marker-adorned toilet paper and asked Kristine and me, “Okay, what is this?”

Kristine and I couldn’t hold it in any longer.  We cracked up, and Joyce realized that it was us who did it.  We explained what we did while she was downstairs.  She laughed, too.  “I thought it was Steve!” exclaimed Joyce.

Kristine and I laughed even harder at her incorrect assumption, doubling over at our desks.  Steve is one of the maintenance workers who gives us all a daily dose of comedy whenever he checks in and out of the office.  (He is known for, among many things, the time when he pulled a ponytail’s worth of hair out of a student’s bathtub drain and yelled down the drain, “Are you okay down there?!”)

Joyce kept the two squares of toilet paper on her desk until the end of the day when all of the maintenance people checked in.  She wanted to tell Steve what happened and that she thought it was him who did it.  After telling everyone what happened, she gave the toilet paper pictures back to Kristine and me.  They are now taped on the wall above my desk as a memento of one of countless hilarious moments at work I’ve experienced in my seven and a half years there.

Kristine took this photo, the final product of our epic scheme.

Kristine took this photo, the final product of our epic scheme.

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