So…THIS is What It’s Like

In the “About Me” section of this blog, I told you that one of my interests that you will likely read about on this blog is Doctor Who.  I started this blog in November.  Despite the ideas and thoughts I’ve had about a Doctor Who–related post swirling around in my head since November, I haven’t written anything about it.

Until now.

I’ll spare you the story on how and why I became a Whovian because it’s quite long, but just know that it happened in November of 2012 when my brother showed me “The Time of Angels” (Series 5, Episode 4).  One episode was all it took to addict me.  Since then, I have seen every episode of the new Who, except for three of the four 10th Doctor specials aired between Series 4 and 5.  I have also seen a few episodes of the classic Doctor Who and would like to see more in the future.  If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you probably already know that quite a few of my favorite quotes listed are from Doctor Who.  I have watched as much behind-the-scenes footage as I could get my hands on, “liked” Doctor Who pages on Facebook to read what other Whovians have to say or share, and I never tire of discussing episodes or theories of what might happen next.  That said, I have found very few people who are willing to discuss the show as fervently as I do, so I don’t discuss the show much.  (I have surpassed my brother’s knowledge on the show; he has created a monster, and it’s driving him crazy.  :-))  Heck, I was alone when I watched most of those episodes and the recently concluded Series 7.

Matt Smith, who currently plays the 11th incarnation of the Doctor, was my first Doctor.  Since I started watching this show, I learned that Whovians have “their Doctor”, meaning that one of the incarnations, likely their favorite one, has impacted them in a unique way and brought something special to their Doctor Who experience that no other Doctor has.  All of the Doctors I have seen are great in their own way.  I’m not a fangirl, but I can say without a doubt that Matt Smith is, and always will be, my Doctor.

I’ve been a bit of geek/nerd for most of my life, and an introverted, socially awkward one at that.  I’ve been a Star Wars fan (of Episodes IV, V, and VI) since I was about nine years old.  I’ve always been a hungry bookworm.  I don’t watch much TV, but I like sci-fi shows.  When it comes to fun ways to spend time outside of work and romantic relationships, Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj of The Big Bang Theory and I have a lot in common.  That being said, I have never attended a Comic-Con (although depending on who’s there, it could be fun), dressed up as my favorite sci-fi characters, or felt devastated if I learned that one my favorite TV characters would no longer be part of a certain show.  I never grasped what it was like to be part of a fandom and ride all of the highs and lows that come with being dedicated to currently running TV show.  Until I started watching Doctor Who, I never knew what it was like.

I experienced the “riding highs and lows” aspect more than ever when I logged onto Facebook yesterday and came across this very low piece of news (NOTE:  do not read past the “Still So Exciting” heading if you haven’t seen the Series 7 finale yet):

I’m not going to lie; the news really gutted me.  Last I’d heard, Matt Smith had signed on for Series 8, which would start after the Christmas episode this year.  I was looking forward to at least one more year with my Doctor.  It’s not going to happen.

I have known from the get-go that the only constant in Doctor Who is change.  No Doctor or companion stays on the show forever.  Change is what has kept the show fresh and interesting since it started running in 1963.  Once Matt Smith leaves, I don’t want him to come back as another regeneration several years down the road.  (That has never happened on the show, and I hope it never will, but some people still want that to happen with David Tennant [the 10th Doctor] someday.)  That being said, I’m disappointed that the change is happening again so soon.  Tom Baker (the 4th Doctor) stayed on the show for seven years.  It would be nice to have someone stick around for more than three or four years, as long as he’s a great Doctor.

Like thousands of other Whovians all around the world, I am anxiously awaiting the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special that will air on November 23rd of this year.  And like thousands of other Whovians, I am anxiously awaiting the Doctor Who Christmas special, but I am not looking forward to the end of it.  Like thousands of other Whovians, I have no idea what is in store for the show’s future, but I care a lot about it.  And as a new Whovian, I’m experiencing the “feels” (a term I’ve seen on the Internet) of learning of the current Doctor’s departure and dreading the moment when his regeneration happens.

I’ve only ever heard of highs and lows that dedicated fans of any show experience, whether they’re about the characters, the storyline, or anything else.  Since I have finally found a TV show that I’m willing and excited to watch on a regular basis (when I can; I don’t have BBC America at home so I have to rely on the Internet a lot), I’m no longer just hearing what those highs and lows are like.  I’m living them.

So…this is what it’s like.

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