Late Night Rambling

I’m a night owl.  Some of you who know me well or have lived with me already know this.  Some of you may have already figured that out based on what time my blog posts are published.  (By the way, the clock on this blog is an hour fast.  It’s been that way since I started it.  If any of you know how to fix this, can you please tell me how?  I’ve been trying since November.)  For whatever reason, my deepest urges to read and write and my most spontaneous jolts of creativity hit me and demand attention and energy when I should be hitting the sack for some desperately needed shut eye.  Tonight is no different, although the way I got there is not typical.

Believe me, right now I’d love to be fast asleep in bed.  My eyelids are drooping as we speak and have been for hours.  However, stormy weather, like the kind we had earlier today and what I thought we would get tonight, keeps me up at night.  (So does editing a blog post after I’ve finished writing it.)  I’ve been hanging out in the basement most of the day today, although part of that is because the people whose house I’m currently staying at has their family room in their basement, and that’s where their dogs like to hang out the most.  🙂

Anyway, I just had to check the weather before I could call it a night with a little peace of mind, so I checked two different weather reports to make sure that all was well and that I could go to sleep without being awoken by a tornado siren within a couple of hours.  One of the sites I checked a few minutes ago was the Weather Channel.  After I checked the weather forecast for my area, I came across an article that TWC posted about bubbles frozen under Abraham Lake in Alberta, Canada.  Darwin Wiggett is the photographer who captured these images with is camera.  I’d never heard of Abraham Lake before, but I’m always up for learning about different places in the world (I loved geography class), and I love taking photographs of nature scenes.  My interest was piqued.

I never knew that such a natural phenomenon existed.  Who would’ve thought that such a cold, harsh environment could also be so beautiful? 

The photos took me away for a few minutes and calmed me down.  Seeing those photos made me want to travel to that sub-zero part of the world and snap some pictures of my own.  Although that’s highly unlikely anytime soon, I need to get out and go somewhere to take pictures.  (I like to pretend that I’m a great photographer.)

If you’re in the mood for looking at some beautiful photos, click on the link and enjoy.  All of them are amazing, in my opinion, but if I had to pick a favorite, it’s 15/32.



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